International Annunciation-St.Justin-Conference

The first IAJC will take place 4-6 July 2024 on 

“St. Justin of Celije and his Teaching on the God-Man:

How to follow that teaching in an increasingly God-forgetting Culture.”

Annals of the International Annunciation-St.Justin-Conferences

The Annals of the International Annunciation-St.Justin-Conferences (IAJC) publish papers of conference participants who wish to post them in this open online format.

Authors who are unable to participate may also send in contributions to the respective conference theme. 

All papers will be peer reviewed and (wherever necessary) subjected to linguistic revision.

Members of the IAJC Editorial board include Father Adrian Iuga, Dean of the Romanian Great West in France Diocese, Anastasia Limberger, Roca Diocese, Munich, Father Professor Dumitru Vanca, Theology Faculty of Alba Iulia University, Romania, Professor (Deacon Sampson) Ryan Nash, Hagop S. Mekhjian Chair in Medical Ethics and Professionalism, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, Father Tibor Imrényi, titulary dean at St. George’s Orthodox Church, Szeged, Hungary, and Cornelia Delkeskamp-Hayes, Director of European Programs, International Studies in Philosophy and Medicine,  serving as secretary.