St. Justin of Celije and his Teaching on the God-Man:

How to follow that teaching in an increasingly God-forgetting Culture.

July 4-6, 2024

Sessions, breaks, meals are at the Hermitage St. Justin in Einsiedelei, Marienstrasse 27, hospitality at Gickelshuis

THURSDAY (July 4/June 21) St. Anastasia of Serbia, Mother of St. Sava (+ 2100)

1.00 pm ︱ Welcome lunch

2.30 m Session 1: Anthropology ︱ Chaired by Prof. Mark Cherry

1. Father Dumitru Vanca: Elements of Orthodox Anthropology: The Original Sin and its Transmission, in the Vision of Saint Justin Popovic

2. Hieromonk Nil: Some Thoughts on the Image and Likeness of God

4.00 pm ︱ Coffee break

4.30 m ︱ Session II: Christian Medicine ︱ Chaired by Father Professor Dumitru Vanca

3. Professor Mark Cherry: Medicine, Pastoral Care, and the saints

4. Father Roman Tarabrin: Critique of Postmodern Humanity in the Light of St. Justin’s Teaching on the God-man: The Case of Homosexuality.

6.00 pm ︱ Dinner

7.00 pm ︱ Evening Service

8.30 pm ︱ Hospitality in the Gickelshuis

FRIDAY (July 5/June 22) St. Alban, Proto-Martyr of Great Britain

7.30 am ︱ Morning service

8.45 am ︱ Breakfast

Transport to the Hermitage (hotel guests only)

10.00 am ︱ Session III: Christian Ecology ︱ Chaired by Hieromon. Ireney Pikovsky

5. Bishop Jov (Bandmann): Man as a Threat to the Environment: Saint Justin of Celje's Spiritual Therapy

6. Nun Andrea (Vlachos): Nature vive: to graft the Logos into the tree of the world.

11.30 am ︱ Coffee break

7. Cornelia Delkeskamp-Hayes: Humanism, Ecumenism, and Ecology: How to Render St. Justin's Theology fFuitful for the West

12.45 am ︱ Break

1 pm︱Lunch

2.30 pm ︱ Session IV: Holiness ︱ Chaired by Father Roman Tarabrin

8. Hieromonach Grigorie Stavarache: The theology of sacred space in the Western literature of the 21st century

9. Father Adrian Iuga: The gift of theologizing and the testimony of the right faith as a criterion of canonisation in the orthodox Church

4.00 pm ︱ Coffee break

4.30 pm ︱ Session V: Watchfulness ︱ Chaired by Father Adrian Iuga

10. Professor. Patrick Bradley: ‘Woe to any Thought of mine which is not set forth, which does not transform into Prayer!' or how St. Justin's Philosophy calls Man to install an effective spiritual Spam Filter for his Nous

11. Nun Lioba: Christ, our Living Mirror and the Temptation of Alternative Theories and Methods for Gaining Self-Knowledge

6.00 pm ︱ Dinner

7.00 pm ︱ Evening Service

9.00 pm ︱ Hospitality at the Gickelshuis

SATURDAY (July 6/June ne 9/22) ︱ Maximus Bishop and Hieromartyr of Serpukhov

8.00 am ︱ Holy Liturgy

11.15 am ︱ Breakfast

12.00 am ︱ Session VI: Hermeneutics ︱ Chaired by Prof. Patrick Bradley

12. Hieromonach Ireney Pikovskiy: The Method of Interpreting the New Testament in the Exegetical Writings of St. Justin Popovic.

13. Archimandrite Justin Rauer: St. Justin of Celije in his Worship Services

1.30 pm ︱ Lunch

2.30 pm ︱ Concluding Session

3.30 pm ︱ Travel to Fulda: Visit to St. Lioba’s relics

6.00 pm ︱ Dinner

7.00 pm ︱ Evening service

9.00 pm ︱ Hospitality at the Gickelshuis

SUNDAY 7th July

9.30 am ︱ Hours

10 am ︱ Holy Liturgy

12.30 pm ︱ Coffee

1.30 pm ︱ Lunch and departures