Who are we?

With the blessing of the Abbot of the Serbian St. Spyridon ‘Mother’-Skete in Geilnau (Germany), Father Basilius (Grolimund), S’chi Archimandrite Justin (Rauer) (locum tenens of the Annunciation-St. Justin Hermitage in Unterufhausen) has started this conference initiative.

The support group of this endeavor (and editorial board of the online publication, see below) includes Father Adrian Iuga, Dean of the Romanian Great West in France Diocese, Anastasia Limberger, Roca Diocese, Munich, Father Professor Dumitru Vanca, Theology Faculty of Alba Iulia University, Romania, Father Professor (Deacon Sampson) Ryan Nash, Hagop S. Mekhjian Chair in Medical Ethics and Professionalism, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, Father Tibor Imrényi, titulary dean at St. George’s Orthodox Church, Szeged, Hungary, and Cornelia Delkeskamp-Hayes, Director of European Programs, International Studies in Philosophy and Medicine, serving as secretary.


This year’s conference on

St. Justin of Celije and his Teaching on the God-Man:

How to follow that teaching in an increasingly God-forgetting Culture

will take place from Thursday, July 4th, at 1 pm (lunch) till Saturday, July 6th, at 5 pm.

Participants are also welcome to stay for dinner and evening service on Saturday evening, as well as for liturgy and lunch on Sunday, the 7th of July.

Conference site and Accommodation

The conference meets at the Annunciation-St. Justin Hermitage in Eiterfeld Unterufhausen.

(See exact Google maps location here!

(Unfortunately, the website of the Hermitage is in the process of being re-worked. Some information can be gathered from https://www.edition-hagia-sophia.de/c/iajc.)

Hospitality evenings at Gickelshuis just down the road

For accommodation during the conference, there are two main options:

1. The Hermitage (our conference site)

There are a limited number of rooms at the Hermitage for men, and very limited accommodation options for women (basically one 3-bed room and a 2-bed room with a curtain in between).

Hotels in the vicinity

2. Eiterfeld

At a distance of 6,5 km to the Hermitage, Eiterfeld has two hotels. Transport by car can be easily arranged. I will reserve a certain number of rooms after invitations are out, but will need to finalize these after having received your confirmation by March 19th, 2024.

Meissmers Hotel


Pension am Amtsgericht


Other locations

There are many additional places to stay. For participants who wish to book rooms on their own can, I can supply an extended list on request.


IAJC is a monastic outreach without extra funds. Participants are encouraged to find support from their own academic institutions or elsewhere to cover their expenses.

We can provide you with a personalized formal letter of invitation in order to help obtain those funds.

Expected expenses

  • Accommodation (see above) (The Hermitage is grateful for a voluntary donation from guests.)
  • Meals, rental of hospitality place, and conference organization costs: 120 €

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The closest airport is the International Airport of Frankfurt (FRA) in Germany. From there, a direct train connection (about 1 hour) is available to Fulda.

  • The Airport Hahn (west of FRA) is operating again (Triwo airport), but it takes more than 5 hours with several changes to reach Fulda. This airport is cheap, but feasible only in combination with a car rental (621 km or 4.5 hours).

Nuremberg Airport to Fulda train travel requires 2-3 changes and 3.5 to 4.5 hours for public transport to Fulda.

  • If the German 49 € ticket is still in force in 2024, participants with enough time can limit their train expenses by using regional trains from the airports to Fulda. Here it is advisable to plan to arrive a day earlier (i.e. Wednesday, July 3rd) in order to accommodate possible delays or train cancellations.

From Fulda railroad station, car pickup (half an hour) can be organized from the Hermitage on Wednesday and on Thursday morning. Cornelia can also offer pick-up car service from Frankfurt Airport for up to 4 persons on Wednesday, July 3rd.

The conference starts on Thursday July 4th at 1 pm at the Hermitage. For this reason, if your plane arrives on Thursday at Frankfurt airport (FRA), it is urgently recommended that you land before 10pm.

Please, let us know your travel plans as soon as possible, to help us organize how we could pick you up or help you with coming to the venue.

The conference schedule

From Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon we will have six to seven formal sessions of 90 to 120 minutes.

Each presenter is alotted 30 to 45 minutes for presentation and discussion.

  • Depending on the number of papers, we might undertake a little pilgrimage to Fulda’s relics of Saint Boniface, the Apostle to Germany.

We are also invited to take part in the evening and morning services, as well as in Holy Liturgy on Saturday morning

  • On Sunday (July 7th) we are again welcome to join in the Holy Liturgy and have lunch at the Hermitage. Priests who would like to concelebrate are asked to kindly bring an authorization from their bishop.


The general subject of IAJ Conferences (see above for the first meeting) should also provide the general framework for presentations.

As a matter of courtesy in view of all other participants’ commitment, already before our meeting, to read and prepare helpful criticism for all presentations, the latter should be between 3000 and (no more than) 8000 words in length, written in a traditional academic format (as pdfs, with title, author, page numbers).

Since fostering a good quality discussion is a major goal of IAJC, the oral presentation should offer a 15 minute condensed version that sets the stage for intensive conversation.

  • A one-page summary of core quotes or theses to be distributed during the sessions is also often helpful. Obviously, the discussions can also continue during breaks, meals and evening hospitality.

Papers should be written in English if possible, otherwise either German or French.


  • The title of your paper is due on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024.
  • The abstract of your paper is due on Saturday, May 18th, 2024.
  • Full text final papers are due on Saturday, June 15th, 2024.

All documents should be submitted to conference secretary: corinna.delkeskamp-hayes@gmx.de.

Those participants who send in their papers later will be asked to bring printed copies to be distributed to each participant at the beginning of the conference.


Participants who wish to have their presentation published will be invited to send them in for peer review and linguistic support. After successful editing, the papers will appear (open access) on the website of the Annals of the IAJC, which is hosted by the Edition Hagia Sophia (EHS) under its logos sub-website (https://www.edition-hagia-sophia.de/c/iajc). Gregor Fernbach, the publisher of EHS, who provides this opportunity, will be permitted to produce German translations of selected essays, to be printed in an Annals of the IAJC book series.

This website will also give an overview of planned and completed conferences (citing the IAJC mission statement as well as names, titles, abstracts of participants who wish to be included. We hope that this will also help us find like-minded Orthodox thinkers willing to join our meetings.


All questions should be addressed to the conference secretary:


You can also call (Central European Time, which is also +1 UTC):

Land-line +49 6055 6610 or (whatsapp/telegram) +49 (0) 175 9808 593

Organizational Issues