The International Annunciation-St. Justin-Conferences (IAJC) provide a platform for Orthodox theologians and philosophers (in the wide, traditional, and thus interdisciplinary sense of the term) to discuss presentations on the topics chosen for each successive year. These topics are to invite high-quality work on issues relating to the challenges involved in maintaining the integrity of Orthodox teaching under conditions imposed by a post-Christian world.

Participants are encouraged to disregard any “political correctness-” or “Zeitgeist-” requirements framing today’s academic and cultural mainstream and tending to obfuscate faithfulness in view of Holy Tradition.

Invitations are extended both to presenters and to those who merely wish to take part in the conversation. Papers are to be handed in three weeks before the conference. This will allow all participants to prepare instructive questions, critical remarks, and helpful suggestions beforehand, so that a mere summary presentation can be followed by extended discussion.

Participants are encouraged – as far as possible - to extend their presence throughout the duration of the meeting. The goal is to facilitate personal face-to-face togetherness, allowing all guests to get to know each other in a context of mutual encouragement and support. Such support should focus on faith-commitments that are increasingly dis-emphasized in the “official” (and ecumenism- or diversity-friendly) environment of the West. The conferences seek to provide opportunities for ‘alternative’ cooperation networks with like-minded colleagues. Participants are invited to make their voice heard through publication of their presentations in IAJC’s (peer-reviewed) open-access online Annals.

The monastic setting serves as a reminder of the fact that theology and the philosophical quest for true wisdom is at bottom a matter of prayer and spiritual guidance, and only secondarily a matter of academic research and instruction.

Mission Statement